Indispensable WordPress plugins

13 + Indispensable WordPress plugins

Plugins are for WordPress the icing on the apple sauce. By installing plugins, your website suddenly gets a mountain of functionality, or some things look just a little nicer than without. But there are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins available. How do you know what the most useful plugins are for your website? Boemedia collected more than 13 indispensable WordPress plugins for your site.

You can not unpunished install any plugin you come across in WordPress. Sometimes they give problems with other plugins, or with the theme you have installed. Or they haven't been tested enough with the version of WordPress you're using. Therefore, always try the plugins first in a test or stagingomgeving.

Please note: I am not talking about websites that are installed on, it is only About selfhosted WordPress websites!

Following is an overview of my favorite WordPress plugins. All plugins are free to download. When it comes to a paid plugin, I mention that.


With the advent of the new European privacy law in May 2018, there are so many plugins developed to comply with your website to the AVG or GDPR, as this law in English is called. I have compiled the MAIN AVG plugins For WordPress for you in a separate post.


Many users frolic with uploading images to their WordPress website. What size should the image have? And what size? What file format? (JPG, GIF or png?)

Resize image after upload plugin
Usually your website won't get any faster if you upload your photos directly from your camera into WordPress. These photos are often a few Mb's, depending on your camera. It is desirable to keep your images on your website around 100Kb maximum. With this plugin, the photo you upload is automatically resized to the size you specify. This prevents your available web space from filling up in the shortest possible time. Nice bonus: the pictures load a lot faster too!

Smush image compression
Does the same as the first one. A bit heavy in marketing, the developers are constantly trying to get you towards the paid version, which of course has more possibilities.

A personal favorite. Especially the paid version offers a lot of added value. Can also optimize PDFs.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, and hackers know that too. Unfortunately, WordPress users are already sloppy with the creation of login names and passwords. Wordfence has many security features, but among others it protects your WordPress website, scans it for viruses and reports when login attempts are made by third parties.


Some themes have a form feature built in, but you can do much more with forms, such as reservations for events or vacations, sign up for a course or excursion, etc.

Contact form 7
The form I use the most. Free, but does not offer the possibility of conditional fields. Supplemented with CFDB easy to export to Excel or Google Drive for a better overview of sign-ups.

Gravity forms
This is a paid plugin with more functionality than Contact form 7. For 39 dollars a year you buy a license for 1 domain. Do you want to know what this plugin can do and how it works? Then try the demo version first.


Broken Link Checker
Yes, nice those links on your website, but what if they don't work anymore? Do you have to check all those links manually? No, there's a plugin for this, too. Broken Link Checker will send you emails if a broken link is found on your website.


Max megamenu
Logical website navigation is very important for the visitors of your website. Do you have large menus? Then Max Megamenu is your plugin. No more long pulldown menus, but nice, clear columns. No idea what to expect? Watch the demo on the developer's website.

Newsletter integration

Mailchimp for WordPress lite
Send your newsletters (No? Foei! Read in my article on email marketing why you should start subito with that!) via Mailchimp? Then this plugin ensures a good integration of registration forms on your website.

Jackmail is a new player on the market, integrated in WordPress. Only 1.5 years old and does not yet offer all the features of Mailchimp. But this WordPress plugin has a lot of potential and the integration with WordPress is well done.


Query Monitor
Plugins and themes are a valuable addition to your website, but can also make it incredibly slow. With Query monitor you can measure the performance of your WordPress website and see which plugins cause delays.


Or payment service providers. No ' real ' plugins, but if you want to start a webshop in WordPress, you also need payment options in addition to a web shop plugin. The following payment systems offer a good integration with Woocommerce, the most famous webshop Module for WordPress. Incidentally, all payment systems also have their own WordPress plugin to make installation easy. That's why it's indispensable for me WordPress plugins.


The search engine optimization plugin from Yoast
If you want to make your website easy to find in search engines, this WordPress plugin should not be missing.

Not yet translated into Dutch, but a great alternative to the well-known Yoast plugin, with many free options.


Want to display your website in multiple languages? That can be a challenge with WordPress. Most WordPress plugins with multilingualism feature ensure that your website becomes very slow. I'll give you two options here to set up a multilingual website.

Multisite in combination with Multilingualpress
If you still need to start setting up your website, then setting up a multisite in WordPress, combined with the Multilingualpress plugin is the best solution.

If you find setting up a mulitsite too much hassle, the Polylang plugin is a good alternative. If your website contains a lot of content, then I still advise you to set up a WordPress Multisite, or have it set up by a WordPress specialist.


From August 2018 it will be standard in WordPress, but until then it can already be downloaded as a plugin: Gutenberg, the new editor of WordPress. You haven't heard of Gutenberg before? Read my article about the changes Gutenberg is going to bring.

Classic Editor
Did you install WordPress 5, but don't want to work with Gutenberg (yet), or is your website or theme not ready yet? Then you can use the Classic Editor plugin to go back to the old WordPress text editor.

Indispensable WordPress plugins for starting a webshop

Currently the most common plugin for integrating webshop functionality in WordPress.
The Dutch translation module of Woocommerce. Handy if your website is in Dutch.
Payment options webshop: look in this list under the heading PSP for handy payment tools for your webshop.

This list is obviously not exhaustive and will be updated regularly. What do you think are indispensable WordPress plugins? Or do you have additions or comments on the mentioned plugins? Please Let me know or give your comment below!



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  1. Michael Amaral On 28 July 2018 at 8:20 am

    Great Collection of plugins here. Looks Awesome
    I would like to share one plugin for Security which is User Blocker WordPress plugins.
    This security plugin provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly.
    It has various features such as Block User, Unblock User, Counter, Role Based Block User etc.

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